3 Secrets Of Starting A Business And Scaling It Up On Internet


Hisham Sarwar

6/18/20222 min read

Folks, there is no such thing as internet money. Sadly, the Internet doesn’t shower money by participating in schemes or making a one-time investment with a guaranteed lifetime payout. In the modern ERA, businesses such as MLM have taken back seats as more people are empowering themselves with real skills such as blogging, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, and freelancing. By learning real skills, you are at least giving yourself a chance of being in control of making money.

You can become a blogger if you write well. You can set up an eCommerce website and take direct orders from your customers on the internet and if you know some tech skills, you can make money by offering a service as a freelancer. Irrespective of a business line you own. Beta service or a product you sell, by leveraging the power of the internet, you can potentially reach out to many customers all over the world. In this largely accessible world of the internet, these three mediums can play an instrumental role in laying down a good foundation for your business and cement your growth in the long run.

With more number of users in the portal, 2.4 billion, and growing, Facebook outnumbers the cars on the roads and planes in the sky all over the world. It is a huge portal and businesses are using the power of Facebook for growing their business exponentially taller. Facebook page and videos on the Facebook page are no less than a lethal combo, the duo not only gives any business a viable option to instantly get in front of Facebook users but also instantly sell online by hooking up the business website.

Bill gates in his book Business @ the Speed of thought predicted in 1999 that in the future, if your business is not online, you will feather away and your competitor will win. He was spot on with his prophecy. Today, any business that does not have a website is losing out to real paying customers who are looking to buy your product or service. By creating a blog and writing regularly about the value addition you can make in the life of your customer, you can make good sales on your website.

With such saturated competition on the internet. Every business is using the power of a modern-day maestro called the “Google” search engine. Businesses understand the importance of paid listings on Google. Google alone does not hold the keys to success on the internet. There are many other avenues such as Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn. By hiring an expert who knows the DM game, your business can be accessible by brand loyal users of many online social media networks and mediums.