5 Dream Business Ideas For Kids


Staff Contributor

5/28/20231 min read

Whether it's the summer break and your child is looking for something to do or you want to cultivate entrepreneurial skills through a productive side venture, motivating your child to embark on their own business venture can bring significant rewards. Begin by exploring the following list of ideas and let the selling begin.


Kids with a green thumb can start a small gardening business. They can help neighbors with planting flowers, maintaining gardens, or even starting a vegetable patch. They can also sell fresh produce or flowers they grow themselves.

2.Event Planning

If your child enjoys organizing and planning, they can offer event planning services for birthday parties or small gatherings. They can help with decorations, games, and party themes.

3.Lemonade Stand

Setting up a classic lemonade stand is a great way for kids to learn about sales, customer service, and basic accounting. They can offer various flavors or even sell other refreshments like iced tea or homemade cookies.

4.T-Shirt Printing

Kids can explore the world of graphic design and offer custom t-shirt printing services. They can create unique designs or use their artistic skills to bring customers' ideas to life.


If your child excels in a particular subject or skill, they can offer tutoring services to younger students. They can help them with homework, provide study tips, or teach basic skills like playing an instrument or learning a new language. This will not only give your child a sense of fulfilment but it is also great for their own deep learning into the same subject.