A Journey From an Employee to an Entrepreneur

"I always wanted to start my own business, but when I told my friends they mocked and told me "you are just an employee with no savings and no strong financial background".



1/10/20232 min read

In 2000, when I was just an employee at a company (EMI-RATES) & I always wanted to start my own business, but when I told my friends that one day I will start my own company they didn't believe me and told me that how could it be possible, "you are just an employee with no savings and no strong financial background".

I was interested in energy business & wanted to work in industrial products. So I joined a private firm who used to provide power backup solutions. At that time power backup was a big problem in Pakistan and the industrial sector, banking sector and hospitals faced Power interruptions. Firstly as part-time, I started to provide Maintenance services to my clients where UPS & GENSET were installed. Soon I got tied up with too much work and multitasking, so in 2002 I registered my own Company called, “BEST POWER SERVICES” and resigned from my job.

Initially, I hired 2 technicians and started to provide maintenance services of UPS to a few clients.

Relative to investment in the energy business, I registered my company through paperwork and documents to become eligible for imports and surveyed to find good product distribution from Singapore, Italy, and China. Within two Months I got a distribution from ABLEREX & GTEC UPS systems and in these two months I earned USD 10,000 as a seed fund, so I started importing UPS systems from Italy, China, Singapore, and Turkey.

After that, I hired a sales & marketing team and provided Power Backup Solutions to industrial sectors including hospitals, banking sectors, and schools, etc.

In seven years, I got distribution from renowned Brands from USA, SINGAPORE, CHINA & Turkey. Many people started investing with me and got good returns on their investment. As the business was growing, requirements of increased staff was needed so I hired a team to fulfill this requirement. My company is providing Power Backup Solutions Like UPS, GENSET, DRY BATTERIES & after sales maintenance services. at first, I started my services in Karachi and gradually expanded my services across Pakistan.

In 2015, I wanted to provide my services around the globe. And at the end of 2015, I got my first order from a factory in Angola – Africa for three phase UPS system & in 2017, I installed three phase UPS system at Kygyztan – Hospital. In start of 2018, many orders from worldwide were in place from central Asian and African countries.

Currently, we have strength of 32 staff members and 6 international brands authorized distributors including outstanding technical team who provides strong technical support. Additionally, we are having maintenance contracts with 30+ firms and more than 600 clients across Pakistan. My company is authorized sole distributor of 6 international brands in Pakistan. Our biggest installation in Pakistan is 500 KVA UPS System in printing industry in Karachi & 600 KVA Genset at Hospital in Punjab.

Further business expansion; my plan for 2023 is to start giving franchises of my company in UAE and Middle East to provide power solution services in their surrounding countries.