Break Even in 3 Months

Through BoltFlare, Ali recovered his cost within three months after the launch

In the hot summers of 2017, a young guy from Lahore decided to do something for the community. He started a journey looking for a solution to his web hosting problems and ended up as an entrepreneur with an idea of a managed WordPress hosting platform called Boltflare in 2019. It was a breakthrough that he recovered his cost within three months after the launch.


Today, BoltFlare serves 34 customers in 12 countries with 2 offices & 17 Servers in different data centers around the globe. One of many customers is Multan National Engineering University. A strong feedback came flying in for the young fellow of Pakistan from London, lauding his to his success in operating a multi fold business – this is the beauty and reach of entrepreneurship!

Opportunity lies in the problems and that truth has been told many a times. This fact repeated itself when Ali Husnain got a student pack from Github (a web-based community for the software developers to collaborate and solve each other’s problems). It had $50 credits of Digital Ocean (one of the best cloud computing vendor that offers an infrastructure as service) on a free account. This was enough for him to run a virtual private server for a year on Digital Ocean and he hosted his website. Later he realized that there is a strong potential in this opportunity as many other WordPress developers are always looking for secure platforms to host their websites. To give a complete and a delightful experience to his users he made his own platform by keeping three core values in mind.

“Scalability, security and reliability”

The company is not an ordinary hosting service provider but an intersection of software innovation and complete service provision. It offers full time support to the new businesses and entrepreneurs who want to host their websites or even build them from scratch. A complete guide for the customers to leave their digital problems to Boltflare and do what they are good in. Boltflare offers various flexible plans for its customers to cater the needs of customers from various economic backgrounds. Their plans are designed to fit a growth path for customers of any size.

“Startup” is perfect for those looking to start their first WordPress site or blog, “Developer” is for individuals or freelancers starting to build and grow their business along with those beginning to monetize their sites, and “Business” provides more sites and storage capacity to support and scale the digital experiences for businesses and agencies. These plans are built to flex as the client grows. These geniuses do not stop at this, they continue to offer a broad range of custom plans to power enterprise digital experiences. They have evolved in expertise and innovation that enables them to cater to people who are first time WordPress users to organizations that are Fortune 500 enterprises.


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