Episode 1

It is imperative to find a mentor who can expend time to know your competencies and business model and mold you into the best version of you. When it comes to mentorship, Mr. Nabeel Qadeer has been one of those protuberant and stirring figures of Pakistan who has been striving hard in marking some extraordinary moments in the business sector and forming the most effective teams that are fortified to lead or set up businesses for economic activity.  He has also assumed the role of Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Youth Innovation Hub and Project Chair, UNCTAD – Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Project for Pakistan. His prime focus has always been on the youth, which constitutes about 64% of Pakistan’s entire population, because they have the utmost propensity to transform a country’s future. They are the drivers of growth, or their disenchantment could lead to social turbulence.

In the wake of the present critical situation in Pakistan followed by the government-imposed lockdowns in an attempt to curb the spread of novel Coronavirus, people are becoming vulnerable to such extreme measures of isolation that is causing sheer anxiety, worry, and psychological disorders. Taking into consideration this prevalent dilemma, Mr. Nabeel commenced a series of sessions named “Coaching through COVID” featuring panels of coaches and industry professionals as they cover a variety of issues and challenges that all of us face during these unprecedented times.

The first episode of “Coaching through COVID” was streamed live on 25th June, 2020 where Mr. Naeem Zamindar, Former Minister Board of Investments, discoursed about life, purpose, faith, success, self-reflection and much more.

Naeem Zamindar is an entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience in new venture building, transpositions and surmounting successful businesses. Aspiring to be an entrepreneur, he started off working with Silicon Valley at San Francisco as an auditor for three years after which he returned to Karachi, Pakistan and started a Cable TV Company with his acquaintance, which somehow failed to achieve its mark. After months of hard work and immense dedication he moved to Lahore and became one of the founding members of Pakistan’s leading telecom company Mobilink (now known as Jazz). As part of its senior leadership team, Naeem erected a countrywide fiber-optic network through the procurement of four companies that now form Mobilink’s broadband division. Moreover, he worked at Intel Capital in Silicon Valley, helping build companies in the digital media and wireless broadband space. His fervor of taking risks, as well as vehemence and commitment has led him leveraging the technology and entrepreneurship for social development.

Starting briefly and meticulously with the risk-taking concern, he sheds light on why people are reluctant to take risks and how it is holding them back in their lives. The reason is fear. The menace that most of us seem to fear the most is the sentiment that the outcome is not under our mechanism. He who takes risks and fails is better than he who decides to do nothing. Mr. Naeem took multiple risks, reconnoitered opportunities, and encompassed every impediment as the way forward.

Next, he talked about how one does find his/her purpose. The purpose is what lights our fire, whatever moves us, offers a sense of direction, and helps guide our paths, behavior, and our goals when applied to our lives. Those who are driven by purpose tend to be creative, futuristic; they sustain and cajole to ascend from deep within themselves through self-exploration and figuring out what they value most. To find our purpose, we have to meditate and extract some time for ourselves and reflect on our lives. Learning how to meditate can help us to pay the utmost attention to our physical selves and get to the root of our infirmities. Through mindfulness meditation practice, our minds can become more proficient, engrossed, and vibrant, empowering us to deal with stressful and arduous situations experiencing a soother life.

Moreover, he added that breathing exercise helps in combating stress in the long run. Frequently, we don’t think about our breath. However, it’s always there when we require it. But paying more attention to how we are breathing can make a vital impact on our stress levels. Deep breathing by keeping aside all the diversions is a practice that enables more air to flow into our body and can help calm our nerves, thus causing sheer relaxation. It extricates the boatload of stress that has been accumulated in our body for the past several years. Our breath is a potent tool to alleviate stress and makes us feel less anxious.

We are in social isolation right now and do not deserve to live alone. He also cited the significance of building up a community in this dire period. Whether it is among our friends, our families, our employment, or our neighborhoods, being a part of the community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. Having conference calls with our friends and exchanging ideas can provide valuable outlets for sharing and relieving stress, thus providing a sense of community, learning and empowerment. Besides, it can provide us opportunities to reach for our goals and makes us feel safe and secure.

Shifting the focus to other people, whether through meditation, charitable acts or considering the impact our life will have will fortify our purpose and let us reap its many benefits. Real happiness lies when we become a reason for someone’s contentment. Taking the focus off ourselves and putting it on someone else can help others discern us in a better light.

Lastly, Mr. Naeem also pondered upon one of the key elements that people should never let go off: Faith. Life is beautiful, but it can also be uncannily onerous at times. Faith is what helps us moving, illuminating the pathway in times of darkness, helping to ascertain our potential in times of turmoil. Therefore, faith makes us emphatic, more buoyant, and more rooted.


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