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For the Love of Games

The story of Game Stack’s early success – Co-founded by Saad Khan and Sharjeel Saeed

It all started with an e-gaming passion that was deeply rooted in our souls. We always thrived on supporting gamer in Pakistan since the beginning. We have a strong belief that gaming is the best way to alleviate tensions from life. The games keep us happy and stress-free.

Console gaming drastically grew worldwide after the release of PS4 in November 2013, and the growing phenomenon reached Pakistan during 2016-2017. It was really difficult for gamers in Pakistan to buy new PS4 games (which at that time cost between PKR 3000-4000).

We were thinking of creating a platform where PS4 console gamers can have access to games for much less and be able to enjoy their favorite releases, and then we had an epiphany; start a rental service whereby PS4 console gamers will able to play games on rent. The idea will help subscribers to save a lot of money spent on purchasing PS4 games and a hasslefree way to get their desired
games at their doorstep.

After 3-4 months of market research, the journey had finally started. Game Stack was established on March 10th, 2018. Initially, it was challenging to convince gamers to try our services. There were tons of questions by gamers which we addressed. With every question, we learned a new aspect that helped us grow. We spent days and nights out on the roads, delivering games to customers in person. April 20, 2018 was the day that we consider as the first successful milestone of our mission. God of War 4 (one of the most awaited games that went on to win the prestigious best game of the year 2018 award) was released, and we still remember we received the shipment around 7:00 pm in the evening and delivered more than 20 copies that night. And the momentum continued with the release of every new PS4 game.

Game Stack is now Pakistan’s Largest PS4 Games Rental Service with deep-rooted coverage in 47
Cities Across Pakistan serving more than 250+ subscribers. Apart from Rental Service, we sell/buy/ exchange PS4 games and have so far served more than 1000 gamers in Pakistan. We are one of the largest sellers of PSN Membership/Wallet /Gift Cards in Pakistan. Recently we have hired a team of technicians for providing repair and maintenance services of PS4 Console & Controllers at customer’s premises. We are in the process of developing a mobile app that will allow gamers to rent and exchange games as well as buy accessories more conveniently.

We are also working on major projects that will likely be established by Q1-2020. One of our projects is the introduction of e-sports in Pakistan, and we aim to build a community that will allow gamers to pick gaming as a professional career. Game Stack has just started its journey, and already it has fetched some promising results. With such promising results, Game Stack wishes to bring the gamers of this great nation together as one. Let us play our hearts out and let Game Stack be your facilitator.


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