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Helping Startups Scale During COVID-19

A nationwide initiative aims to inspire, educate, motivate, showcase and support scalable small businesses all across Pakistan.

More than 180 nations around the world are holding hands and demonstrating their eagerness to battle a war against a shared enemy, the COVID-19. There is no doubt that it will hit the global economy and the world may experience another economic recession after the coronavirus outbreak. 

The unemployment rate is soaring all across Pakistan, especially in those territories where there is no or less internet coverage. Startups are getting out of business rapidly in the tourism, restaurant, and entertainment industry. According to Tribune, Coronavirus forecasts to render 18.5m jobless in Pakistan.

Those are really innocent who think the government is competent enough to identify the issues and have that capacity to rectify them in a short time. There are two schemes going on parallel. You can donate to PM COVID-19 fund by sending an SMS to 6677 and at the same time, you can also claim funds by sending an SMS to 8171. The government is trying to cope with the situation in its own way, but it seems everything is beyond control. So let’s play our part. If you have recently got out of business or lost your job. Retool yourself. Reflect, reorganize, and start it up again but with a different approach this time. There is always an upside to everything, and no one can deny the positive impact it is having on the online landscape. Internet usage has increased to a record high.

Nokia sold toilet papers back in 1865, cables, electronics in the 1970s, and finally telecommunications after 1990. Don’t fall in love with your ideas or products. Just keep evolving. Let me explain it in another way; we don’t use donkeys and camels for traveling anymore. Because it was the need of the hour in the 19th century to switch to automobiles. And now is time to get fully digitized. Take it as an opportunity, rethink your business model, equip yourself, plan orderly, work patiently, act fearlessly, and achieve what you wanted to achieve. Believe me! It’s now easier than it was ever before.

In this regard, Startup Insider is launching a nationwide campaign “Helping Startups Scale during COVID-19”. Under this program, we will shortlist scalable ideas and will support them by providing free services including investor relations, digital marketing, legal, training programs, business planning, and mentoring support all at a one-stop-shop through a digital portal.


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