KaarTech, an Indian Startup Specializing in Digital Transformation, Secures $30 Million in Its Inaugural Round


Staff Contributor

7/2/20231 min read

Chennai India: KaarTech, a consulting company specializing in digital transformation, has successfully secured $30 million in a recent funding round led by A91 Partners. This marks an important milestone for KaarTech as it represents the company's first external funding. The funding round consists of a combination of primary and secondary raises.

As part of this transaction, Gautam Mago and Kaushik Anand from A91 Partners will also be joining the board of directors at KaarTech, bringing their expertise and insights to further support the company's growth and strategic direction.

The company has announced its intention to utilize the funds for expanding its presence in the Middle East, the European Union, and North America. The majority of the funding will be allocated towards strategic acquisitions and investments, allowing the company to establish diverse lines of business.