NIC Peshawar: Transforming KPK through Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A startup Incubator helps founders to solve lots of the problems commonly associated with running a startup by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training. National Incubation Center (NIC) Peshawar is a state of the art incubation facility funded by Ignite & operated by LMKT in collaboration with PTCL along with Microsoft, IBM & Founder Institute.

Innovation is everywhere. Today in Pakistan, Karachi is not the only center of the tech startups: KPK has a vibrant startup ecosystem, Peshawar is a creative hub; NIC Peshawar is ground zero for tech startups, and known for the quality of its startup trainings & workshops. Instructors fly from all across the country to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and their teams to launch, manage and grow their business ventures.

The center has gone through a massive provincial expansion over the past 8 months, adding new programs and hands-on curriculum after every quarter. NIC Peshawar is LMKT’s latest venture in its decade-long tradition of investing in indigenous startups. LMKT is a full-service technology company based out of Pakistan that offers scale-able IT solutions for developing smart cities, smart buildings, e-governance, clean technology & agri-tech solutions to support the country’s fast-growing economy & rapid urbanization. LMKT’s goal with the National Incubation Center Peshawar is to create success stories bigger than theirs.

Startups Achievements

FranchisePK’s revenue has increased to 0.9 Million in June, compared to 0.34 Million in March amounts to 265% in terms of growth.

“Bera” on the other hand increased their revenue by 450% from 1 million in March to 4.5 Million in June.

“Kaltoor” all-female led startup is the finalist of She loves Tech & also been selected to attend TechCamp 2018 in Dubai that too fully sponsored by the US Department of State.

“” grew from a team of 2 cousins to a team of 8 individuals in the last 3 months & an exponential increase in revenue from 1 million during March to 2 million in June amounting to 100% growth.

“Aprus” technologies manufacturing gold standard arthroscopic surgery instruments is now building the next iteration of the product to scale the product to global markets.

“Suaave” wearable tech startup has been able to sell their first 600 units in June bringing in 0.3 Million with 300% growth in revenue.

Eco-system Development Initiatives

NIC Peshawar signed MoUs with all the key stakeholders. The center organized Road Shows in more than 10 major universities since January 2018. After just 8 months in operations, NIC Peshawar formed NIC Advisory Forum, KPK Enterprise Forum, and Academia Leadership Club.  The featured initiatives of NIC Peshawar are “Women In Business” & “Getting Peshawar Started”.

NIC Peshawar also has one of the strongest investor networks from all across KPK. If you’re a startup & want an incubator with a strong national presence and top-notch mentors, NIC Peshawar hits the sweet spot.


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