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Opportunities for Youth in Media Industry of Pakistan

With the advent of technology and the introduction of web 2.0, the course of media industry has been changed from the mainstream media including radio and TV to social media platforms and streaming channel sites.

Endless opportunities and potential make the web 2.0 invincible in catering all the new entrants because of its user-base – and that is HUGE. For example, as mentioned by the Facebook has a user base of 2.41 billion active users as of the second quarter of 2019! So, it goes without saying that social media has more potential than just making check-ins and pouting for selfies – the room for growth is still there and morphing to create unseen voids, as such one should worry about this.

Stage is there waiting for the quality content – be it an informative blog, a comical video or even a stingy satirical tweet – all of this if of quality, it will trend. People appreciate quality and if the content produced is good enough – we have seen people becoming stars overnight. In these times, when everything is moving towards artificial intelligence, you do not need to hire a manager or wait in the long ques for auditioning to be a media star! Gone are those days where media giants and influence’rs were gateways to success. All you have to do now is get a good quality camera or even a smartphone, make an account on YouTube or and other social media interactive app or site, post content, get a good audience follower ship and BOOM! You are a star now!! And money follows the stardom. It is a reality that was denied by many media hubs back in the days, when aspiring artists stood through rain and shine in front of the media houses to get a single chance just to audition let alone some screen time. This very aspect has made the glitz and glamour of what as termed as the ‘Silver Screen’ utilitarian!

Creative freedom is a dream for an artist. Social media platforms give that to an inspiring artist who wants to showcase his or her talents to the public, making it possible for them to earn their own audience and ability to reach and communicate with the audience. It allows them to develop the content from grass root level to the final delivery making the creator, sole owner of the content and removes many bindings on it used to be there in the past.

Monetization is the most important part of this business activity. When an entrepreneur sets up their business of online content generation and builds an audience with constant feedback eventually they demand some remuneration for their efforts to continue it. Today, almost every brand understands the importance of social media and know that they will become invisible if they lose control over the social media.

This will lead the businesses to spend millions from their marketing budgets over social media campaigns. Somebody’s expense becomes someone’s income and whose income? The stars of social media – the influencers who are constantly posting fresh content on their YouTube channels and Facebook pages to entertain the audience or the bloggers with a readership of millions. This concept is called influencer marketing through which content generators engage their audience by marketing the products of their sponsors. The response of the users in the uptake of this strategy by has driven companies pay big money for harnessing the influence of the media opinion-makers.

Mainly, two types of content are getting a lot of attention from consumers including;
* Videos *Blogs

Content Generators make money through influencer promotions in their videos, revenue from the views of the videos and affiliate marketing. There are some entrepreneurs who are earning more than $10k per month from this model. According to the YouTube monetization policy for 2019, a YouTube channel has to have a subscriber base of 1000 with a watch time of 4000 hours will be eligible for the monetization process. There are various new features added to the content generators to earn money including the channel membership for the subscribers like twitch which is live streaming site mostly used for e-gaming.

Merchandizing is a very good example of earning money through your channel and sell your branded items to your audience.So if someone wants to work on YouTube needs a bit of creativity and understanding of the common trends floating over the internet but must know how to monetize their efforts as an economic principle. You start by making an account leading to creating a channel and then verifying your channel through your phone number and your country. BINGO!! You are ready to make some bucks from your home. Now, finding a niche as your audience is the key task here.

There are various categories of for your video generating content can be vlogging, boxing/ unwrapping, gaming videos, makeup, tech reviews, tutorials, challenge videos, top 10 lists etc. Vlogs are a prime example of this in which a user makes a video of their own personal experience ranging from thrill of travel or showcasing the experience of unboxing of an electronic gadget or even the delectable memories of visiting a new café and enjoying the live cooking with a group of friends vouching for the experience and this is just an example of the content produced by various you-tubers.

However, making a video is an easy part, difficult is to market it through proper channels and proper way, leads to help the audience find and watch it. By giving attractive titles, fitting search words, Promoting the  channel on other social media platforms, encourage people to support your cause and lastly engage more with your audience in a more civil way because no body likes an over smart person. Knowing your audience is one of the key elements in the YouTube business because if you know your audience thoroughly you will be in much more convenient situation to create your content. One should always learn from competition and by reading the comments on the videos
and the blogs to understand the popular opinion.

Similarly, there are two paths of making money through blogging we see today. One, where a blogger creates a blog from zero and builds a strong readership and sells the blog for a good money. Second path is to build a blog and enable it to market the product of sponsors and get money from the Ads and affiliate marketing. Both paths work just fine as long as they continue to generate money. Huffington Post is on, rather insane, example of the value of content and social media in the modern times. It makes 14 million dollars per month on average! This blog was originally started by a single woman named Arianna Huffington. Today, average unique visitors are 110,000,000!

There are more opportunities for growth in the social media industry in Pakistan and other developing markets compared to the developed countries, where the markets are already saturated. Investors realize that the biggest chunk of consumers  will be in Asia as just Pakistan accounts for 220 million potential consumers. So, it is the need of hour for all the entrepreneurial brains to step up and utilize this medium to showcase their talents and grab these opportunities to develop their audience and start making some revenues for themselves and for the country as well.

A Piece of advice for the young youtubers that never lose hope even after your many videos and blogs, it will take time to make a break but once you catch the eye, it will be your day and you will never look back after that. But, you should never plagiarize any content and publish it with your name it will hurt you bad and leaves a scar for life. So, keep up the good work and make interesting videos and blogs to grab the attention of your audience and always deliver in a positive manner.


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