PINE’s Board of Advisors

People’s Incubation New Enterprise

PINE- People’s Incubation New Enterprise is an incubation setup that aims to Pine Global brings together the expertise of professionals in the field of engineering and finance and focuses on contributing to startup infrastructure in Pakistan. The aim is to develop the Entrepreneurial ecosystem and increase jobs in Pakistan.

Ghazanfar Rauf (CEO Aesthetic Sciences LLC)

The Success Story

I started from scratch in 2003 with one sales person who had experience of hospital equipment. For two years, the two of us visited almost all hospitals in Karachi as well as interior Sindh. At the end of the day, I moved to dealing with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and dentists. More recently, my focus area is dealing in professional beauty products targeted to salons and retail stores. Today, I have four business areas;

Aesthetic Life (Deals in laser devices)

Beauty Pro (Professional beauty products)

Pivot Point Academy (Beauty school)

What about Men (Healthcare facility for Men)

Message to Young Entrepreneurs

I am willing to share my experience with the young startups. My message to the young entrepreneurs is that it takes time, integrity and honesty to build a business. Customer service is key, as there are many businesses offering the same product or service. The difference is how one deals with the customer and delivers on promises. The Youth needs sincere advice and a helping hand to step into the real world. I support young guns, and feel they have a bright future ahead of them with the right guidance.

Ms. Hafimi Abdul Haadii (Executive Director – LVK Group of Companies)

The Success Story  

I started my foray in entrepreneurship as a returning graduate who had spent a good part of my formative years studying in Australia.  Upon return to Brunei, amongst friends we would always share stories about our various challenges in being a young entrepreneur in Brunei as well as the various hurdles when dealing with regulations and procedures.  As young entrepreneurs and good friends at the turn of the new century we had ideas of setting up an informal group to have discussions about business challenges and also trying to help other youth in business.  A chance discussion with a corporate mentor lead to  our small group of friends being thrust into the center of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) as one of the key deliverables of the Business Summit thru entrepreneurship and the formal establishment of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Brunei (YEAB) and the responsibility of the newly formed group to manage the Townhall Session for Young Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in 2000. Fast forward 20 years ahead and it is 2020, with the YEAB firmly recognized as the go to national organization dealing with youth entrepreneurs.  Past leaders of YEAB have been entrusted by the nation over the many years to serve in greater capacities in various international business councils and forums.

Over the years as a founding member of YEAB, I have been involved in various policy discussions around youth as well as numerous events and mentoring opportunities to share experiences with young people in Brunei and beyond. As a past president of YEAB serving from 2011-2013, I was proud to have been involved in the formation of the ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneurs Forum and also chaired the 5th edition of the ACYEF in Brunei.  Since 2012, as an appointed member of the Asia-Pacific Business Advisory Council (ABAC) I have been fortunate to be involved in various capacities as Co-Chair of Working Groups and I am currently the Chair for the ABAC MSMEE WG.  I am also an invited Member of Asia Business Leaders Advisory Council.

In Brunei, I am an appointed Member of Brunei’s Legislative Council, Chairperson of Brunei’s Competition Commission, Board Member on various councils and statutory boards.  All the appointments are indeed humbling, but at the very core of what I still want to achieve is to ensure experiences are shared with young people to achieve their potential.

Your relationship as an advisor to the young incubates at Pine

I met Erum at a Commonwealth organized workshop in Singapore which was a training event on developing policy on youth entrepreneurship.  We hit it off immediately through the various activities and the many sessions of team work exercises and marked our names as the Avengers! We deliver and we can overcome! A visit by Erum to Brunei Darussalam also enabled women empowerment and visioning thru the strategic creation and alignment into the Commonwealth Business Women Network and all in all a great introduction to our country to Erum.

Message to Young Entrepreneur

Although I am professionally trained in architecture, how we innovate our careers for change is crucial to building and sustaining quality enterprise.  Entrepreneurship is in itself very much an attitude of learning, but to truly achieve success in being an entrepreneur is the impact you create when your challenges are overcome and your impact can change youth for the future.
Empowering the Youth Allow for enabling framework or Eco-system which provide opportunity to youth by enhancing programs that allow room for them to grow.  Allow them to fail fast and build resilience to keep wanting to try.  Enable good mentor-mentee relationship platforms to facilitate quicker learning process and open doors to quality connections.

Sushil Ram (Program Manager – Youth Policy, Commonwealth Secretariat)

The Success Story

My name is Sushil Ram and I’m from the Fiji Islands and I have been with the Commonwealth for the past 12 years. My role has been as a Social Policy Specialist. I’m the Program Manager in this section. Youth entrepreneurship is an area that I’m passionate about. For the last 10 years, I have been helping member governments to strengthen or develop appropriate policy that will enhance and promote youth entrepreneurship. At the Commonwealth, we have developed a policy guide on how governments of other countries can strengthen their youth policy. In addition, I have been very much in the forefront of connecting young entrepreneurs throughout the Commonwealth through an alliance of young entrepreneurs. This alliance is a network of young entrepreneurs in all the countries of the Commonwealth. They come together to exchange ideas to build business relationships and also provide mentor ship and support to each other.

Your relationship with PINE as an Advisor

I am very happy to be associated with PINE as an advisory board member. Youth entrepreneurship plays a very significant role in wealth creation and in prosperity in any country. If countries want to progress economically than youth entrepreneurship needs to be promoted. But to promote youth entrepreneurship one needs to have the right enabling environment. Young people have the energy and the passion and most importantly young people are very creative. They are also very innovative. This energy, passion, creativity and innovation needs to be channeled appropriately. Providing the right enabling environment, and the right business support services to these young entrepreneurs and startups is very important. PINE is such an initiative. It is such an excellent initiative that aims provide these services and support to startups in Pakistan. I am very glad to be associated with them, and I will continue to support this initiative. both in terms of the policy direction and also in terms of how I can help to facilitate greater collaboration of these young entrepreneurs with the other young entrepreneurs.

Message to the Young Entrepreneurs

My message to the young people and particularly to the young entrepreneurs is that there are no limits to your creativity and to the passion you people can have. Hard work is essential and through hard work you will succeed. At the same time young people in Pakistan also have a responsibility. They are the most connected generation. They are the generation that are the most educated. They are the generation that have access to technology. And therefore, they have a huge contribution to make to the communities and to the societies. Our communities and our societies, face a number of issues and social problems. The young people’s energy and creativity if channeled in the right social enterprise can solve a number of these problems that our communities face. Therefore, I would also encourage people to look at social entrepreneurship and SME’s for the development of their societies, to solve some of these societal issues and problems that Pakistan and for that matter any other country has. And I encourage you that you have the tools and the resources and the creativity and innovative ideas and you are the ones who can deliver some solutions that we have been talking about.

Saleem Sheikh (Senior Partner GSC Solicitors)

The Success Story

Mr. Saleem is a senior partner at GSC Solicitors, a  law firm in the city of London. He is originally from Kenya. He has received highly prestigious Magic Circle’s  ‘Entrepreneurial Individual of the Year’, CityWealth, 100 Power Muslim List; and Special Recognition for Services to Caretech.

Relationship with PINE

I’m very honored to be a Board of Advisor of PINE. Started very recently; however, I admire what that organization does, its ethos and the valuable guidance that it provides to younger generations. I am very pleased to have come on board and join PINE as a BOA member. I am looking forward to contributing with any necessary support and advice to those who are just starting their businesses or entrepreneurs with ambition.Everyone needs a helping hand and support as valuable platform at a start of professional journey.

Message for Young Entrepreneurs

My message would be: work hard, learn constantly and do not fear to dream large. If you work hard, sky is the limit. Having become an international lawyer and a trusted advisor especially in the growing Asian community in the UK, I have witnessed extremely successful journeys by young entrepreneurs, where some of them had nothing but a business idea or just a concept but the commitment and constant perseverance had brought them to highest accomplishments. It’s not easy but it is not impossible.

At GSC Solicitors we even have a special program called ‘GSC’s Next Generation’ that helps younger entrepreneurs as they acquire the knowledge, confidence and leadership skills they will need to excel in their professional lives. I believe that with help from organisations like PINE young business people have the privilege of being well equipped for challenges that they will face as they forge their paths.

I also think that it is very important to be ‘ahead of the game’ – connect with like-minded people and those who have already gone through the same journey – this would help them grow a network of additional support, latest developments and inspiration.  These three aspects are also important as they’d enable younger entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, get motivated and explore their strengths.   ‘Dreaming large’ also means going to a greater mileage. Today’s technology gives us amazing opportunities to ‘go global’ – use that! Build your brand, make it strong and visible to the world. And don’t forget about your reputation – it is everything these days. Each business and entrepreneur are different so I believe in an individual and at the same time holistic approach to each one. I’d be happy to share my own experience and guidance.


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