Rooted, ‘The Path to Success is Never Straightforward’

If you are selling an airplane or an underwear, anything, it needs marketing; if you will not present your product to customers then you have no business" - Riz M.


Nabeel Sheikh

1/12/20232 min read

The story of Riz M.'s success begins with their family-owned multiservice business based in Pakistan, which had a unique approach of serving its diverse clientele. Believing that life doesn't always go as planned, they began RM Salt to share the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt with the international community. This business proved to be a great success and they remain the leading and top-rated traders and exporters of this salt business.

"Encouraged by this success, they started another business that also turned to be successful", RM Traders, which sells sustainable, simple and elegant clothes for men women, and kids worldwide.

Riz M. then moved to Dubai and launched an e-commerce store on Facebook, which was well-received, leading them to start a domain-selling business called "Catch Service." This platform provides startups and established businesses with memorable domain names. All four businesses are overseen by Rizwan Memon, Faizan Panjwani, Waqas Panjwani, and Umair Panjwani. This business-to-business switching inspired them to pursue more success, resulting in "Rooted," a platform that offers a wide range of services that drive measurable results. The journey to create Rooted was long and tireless, and the mastermind behind it was Rizwan Memon.

Unfortunately, he passed away before he could see the completion of his final project, NFT, which he began with Umair Panjwani.

Umair Panjwani is a vital part of Rizwan Memon's IT businesses. He is a senior Wordpress developer with comprehensive IT knowledge and is essential to Rooted's success. He specializes in domain, hosting and other IT-related businesses and is a certified Microsoft professional.

He teaches software expertise in C+ and .NET languages from reputed universities such as Sir Syed, NED, and MAJU.

The path to success is never straightforward and Rooted also faced a significant turning point with the passing of Rizwan Memon in May 2022. However, Umair Panjwani, who was Rizwan Memon's right-hand, continued his legacy by driving Rooted's success with new ideas, and by providing IT services to boost businesses nationally and globally.