Promoting Citizenship Behavior Among Pakistani Youth !

On the contrary now days every individual is thinking that how is the corona virus outbreak affecting their life? How are they staying connected with their loved ones and maintaining a social distancing as well. In fact, this is really a tough time for all of us as corona virus has reciprocated how we work, lean or play: schools are closed, sports leagues are no more lined up, corporate officials are bound to work from home. This pandemic situation is very challenging all over the world; certainly, we need to take precautionary measures for our safety. Therefore, few things can help it from stop spreading such as; don’t crowd in public places, maintain the distance at least 6 feet, wash hands 20 seconds minimum after every 1 to 2 hours and forget shaking hands.

Our government is also taking precautionary measures for the nation to be safe; restaurants, food courts, saloons, schools and every other business is closed other than grocery stores and medical stores. Moreover it also means to minimize the contact with people, avoid public transportation, limit unnecessary travel, try to work from home,dodging social gatherings and certainly do not go to
crowded places.

The effects of current lock down loom large over not only our economy but also subsection of our society that constitute 30 percent of the population that lives under the poverty line. Pakistan is facing multiple social challenges as 60% population is living in poverty, 52% population is illiterate, 22.6 million children are out of school, 48.71 % billion budget is allocated for healthcare sector which is 20 % of total budget, 80% population drinks polluted water. Heroic acts are the need of the hour; How can we forget noteworthy efforts of ABDUL SATTAR EDHI for the society, who founded the “Edhi Foundation”. He was beacon of hope for those in need.Mr. Usman Sadiq and his team is one of such personalities who under the kind mentor-ship of Dr. Sumaira Rehman initiated the “Social Entrepreneurship Program” that aims to develop leadership and advocacy skills and empower young people to play a pivotal role to bring positive social change within their communities and sensitize them towards real-life issues.

The Social Entrepreneurship Programs always provide the opportunities to students for exploring communities and addressing certain issues. The basic moto of this program is to provide training and empower them for a social change leads to societal well being.

As a consequence of this pandemic of corona virus, superior university (CMACED) took an initiative of “Mission Esaar” through our group based national media partner “NEO TV”. The mission is to arrange food packages for one lakh poor families in this health emergency of COVID-19. It is an open forum for volunteers, students from all over the country can join in “ESAAR CAMPAIGN” and prove that we are together to fight against this deadly virus. CMACED and Alkhidmat foundation are facilitating poor families throughout Pakistan and to date, we have distributed food packages among 20,000+ families amount-ting PKR: 45 Million.

Not only this, we are the contributor of Punjab Youth Council`s initiative and Mr. Muneeb Ahmad The General Manager of CMACED, is one of the Executive members in supervising, implementing and monitoring the social activities all over Punjab.

Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is a university wide initiative with a mission to build an entrepreneurial mindset and prepare the youths to bring economic revolution in Pakistan through small and medium enterprises. CMACED equips the students with confidence, knowledge and tools to turn a business idea into a flourishing reality. Throughout the academic year, CMACED organizes series of seminars, workshops and frequent mentoring sessions on a wide range of topics including basics of business, networking, e-commerce, and emotional intelligence. Annual enterprise events such as Entrepreneurial Gala are also managed by the center.

Pakistan is one of those countries where the need for social entrepreneurs is indispensable. There are various national and international social enterprises who are working on societal development. However, formal academic efforts to train young generation are of pivotal importance to bring productive outcomes. Therefore, the primary objective of this program “Social entrepreneurship” is not only to make students understand the ideology of social entrepreneurship and its strong linkage with social change but also to make them active learners, actors and influencers of society. The overall pragmatic approach configured in this program will instill students with all proficiencies required to become a social entrepreneur in the diverse fields of society. This specific program is providing an opportunity for the students to explore their local communities and address varied levels of issues prevailing there. The mission of this program is “to flourish the citizenship behavior among Pakistani youth” by delivering indigenous education and training programs and empowering them to create a social change through community outreach initiatives that ultimately leads towards a prosperous Pakistan”. To accomplish this mission SEP performs as an incubator where students can learn the appropriate skills according to their context or program such as need assessment, writing proposals, budgeting, action planning, societal marketing, monitoring,evaluation and sustainability while keeping in view of local economic, social, political, and geographical conditions. (May ALLAH ALMIGHTY Help Us).

The movement of community outreach program started in 2015 with one department and brilliance of this program evident in 2020 through;

  • 1600+ active citizens & volunteers trained
  • 100+ Faculty trained in community outreach initiatives
  • 300 Social action projects executed throughout Pakistan
  • Rs 15 Million project funded amount on SAP
  • 50+ partner NGO’s/CSO on collaborative social action projects
  • Actively working on sixteen United Nations SDG’s First HEI in the private sector who starts working with British Council and introduced the Active Citizenship Course
  • Won Pakistan Best social action project Award 2017 (British Council) in SAP showcasing & ILM summit (Marriot Islamabad) among all HEI’s
  • Won one-week International study Visit to Egypt by our Volunteer Mr. Awais Arshad. He was the only Pakistani who had selected in this program
  • One of our volunteers “Hamza Afzal” nominated for best Volunteer award by Alkhidmat Foundation Manager SEP “Mr. Usman Sadiq” selected by British.
  • Council for participation in international Partners networking event (IPNE) London.

In 2020, we have introduced this program in eight different departments for developing active citizenship behavior among 900+ students. This program includes Active citizenship training, seminars, poster exhibitions, community outreach projects, MOU with civic organizations, participation in national in international social events, case study development & Social action projects exhibition.

The Social Entrepreneurship Program is adding value & creating hope in the society. This program is meant to empower Pakistani youth with indigenous education and training program to create a social change through community outreach initiatives that ultimately lead towards a prosperous Pakistan. The impact of Social Entrepreneurship Program can be accessed through following factors, it has 08 Departments, 40 Trainings, 100+ Faculty Members, 341 Social Action Projects, 15 Million Project Funding and 1600+ Active Citizens.

Key Message from,

DR. SUMAIRA REHMAN (Rector Superior University & Director CMACED)

Your journey to be a Superhero is a promise to transform your challenges into life changing opportunities. I welcome you to our Superior world powered by Emotional intelligence and Entrepreneurial mindset. I believe in the power of Entrepreneurship. For me this is a unique way to transform the lives of a common person. It enables and empowers them to become learners of 21st century. Our unique entrepreneurial Eco-system is equipped with all necessary ingredients promoting entrepreneurial mindset in our future generation in order to develop an economically Superior Pakistan. We are a diversified, welcoming, open minded, supportive family where everyone matters. We provide a great environment to learn and discover “Who are” You and your dreams are important to us.



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