Think like a boss! Act like a manager!

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.- Henry Ford

What is the meaning of this phrase? I know you know it, but I’m here just to remind you the essentials things. If we think like a boss, we can develop leadership qualities in ourselves, but if we act like a boss then I think we might loss our chances to learn. In today’s world, our society believes that if someone wants to be an entrepreneur or businessman in life so education isn’t necessary for them. I totally disagree with them. A brilliant student can be a smart businessman if skills are properly polished in the college or university.

According to a famous author, teacher and mentor Qasim Ali Shah, we are creating “Business degree holders” not businessmen or entrepreneurs. I agree with him because our education system is not based on practical but on theories. What makes you a successful businessman or the entrepreneur? Its your attitude. Yes! Engage yourself with existing entrepreneurs, start reading books based on self-help and continuously develop yourself. Few books I am recommending you to must read.

The Intelligent Investor (Benjamin Graham), The Lean Startups (Eric Ries), Think and Grow rich (Napoleon Hill). Listen to the interviews, watch Bloomberg and CNBC and a lot of books you can easily find on internet. Constantly innovate, and meet the customer demands as it will lead your business to the new heights. First learn then earn. Do your research, polish your marketing and the management skills, build connections and work hard on your leadership qualities. This process will make you the unstoppable entrepreneur.

To succeed in the long run, you need to be a good manager and a great leader. True leadership come when leaders understand the need to foster many more like them for the future.


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