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Safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep us in work. It is a matter of life and death. It is the sum of our contributions to safety management that determines whether the people we work with live or die.” – Sir Brian Appleton, Technical Adviser to the Enquiry on Piper Alpha Accident


Marrium Farid

1/3/20234 min read

Zeeshan Shahid, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with an innovative with social impact grabbed the attention of the country and abroad, when he won the national level by winning the prestigious Shell Tameer Award 2022 in the category of Transport & Mobility for his innovative and trend setting project, Motto Vest Pvt. Limited – a tech-based startup aimed at providing safe mobility for bike riders through their airbag vest to prevent fatalities and disabilities that occur on the road. It has also won the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2021, Startup Early Competition 2021, Misk Launchpad KSA 2021 and the winner of Technopreneurship Competition.

Motto Vest Pvt Ltd. is Pakis-tan's first IP, Protected Airbag Vest. It is a fully automated airbag vest designed to protect the vital organs of the human body. The company was registered in 2022 and the design patent was awarded by Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan in November 2022.

While the government is making slow paced effort to make new regulations for road safety, Zeeshan's best friend lost his precious life in a motorbike accident. After that life changing incident, he noticed many motorbike accidents daily, injuries and deaths, due to zero precautionary measures. It was then he felt a need for safety jackets. “After talking to several affectees and their bereaved, I realized I was not the only one looking for safety and security for motorcyclists,” he shares. The idea that struck him was to provide bike riders with an airbag that would deploy in the event of an accident, 85% mitigating the damage caused and preventing deaths.

According to 2020 World Health Organisation (WHO) annual report, the total number of road accident deaths in 2020 reached 28,170, which was 1.93% of the total deaths that year. Around 50% of these accidents involved a motorbike.

Approximately, 1500 life years have been affected due to disability from road crash injuries per 100,000 people. The figures and tragic stories in Pakistan are no less and painful. Hence, Zeeshan developed his innovative startup Motto Vest, an automated reusable, light-weight, weather-resistant airbag vest for men and women, designed to protect the vital organs of the human body. With this, he aims to save lives and to create an injury and disability-free Pakistan.

The vest works when a mechanical activator is attached to a bike rider with such a sensitivity that whenever major impact occur, instantly a high-tech system activates while attached pressurized CO2 cylinder inflates the vest which secures and protects the back of the neck, back-bone, shoulders and rib cage while absorbs the impact of the collision. Motto Vest has different models, one of them is MV 1 whose notable characteristics are:

  • Easy to mount & dismount

  • Opens in fraction of Second

  • Operating at higher & lower speeds - Reduces impact of accidents

  • Applicable in hilly areas, racing & normal tracks

  • Easy replicability of CO2 Cartridge

  • Weather compatible

The vision of Zeeshan and his company is to 'Save Lives' by providing high-tech protection equipment that has domestic & international potential. It is a motorbike safety product with features of light weight, weather supported, and opens up in a fraction of seconds & reusability.

The safety vests and jackets manufactured by Motto Vests an ideal product for two wheeler logistics, riders companies like foodpanda Bykea, Cheetay, and all the major brands including courier companies that have a huge network of delivery on daily basis. Zeeshan invested a lot of time, energy and investment in getting his idea to see the daylight, and his efforts eventually paid off. Today Motto Vest is not turning heads due to its critical importance but it has got the honor of being the pioneer in biker airbag manufacturing companies in Pakistan.

Zeeshan Shahid is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs and is a true example of how a single idea led by some happening can create a big impact for the world. He has taken a big risk and is hoping that safety gear manufactured by Motto Vest will be widely used in Pakistan not only for bikers but also for motor sports, and other high risk adventure sports, which he is already working on! 'Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.', he firmly believes in what the Quran preaches.

He believes it is imperative that the authorities and the public should make a collective effort to enforce motorcycle safety. Zeeshan is a first droplet, a trailblazer who started a daunting journey on his own of saving lives, now it is high time that the Government of Pakistan, Road and Transportation Departments in each province along with Traffic Police should help him in creating awareness for a safer Pakistan.

Helmets are not the only way to safeguard a life but a full safety gear; vests, jackets, gloves, elbow and knee pads, etc. And authorities should enforce them. And when Zeeshan say bikers, he means all safely for all, it includes bikers along with their passengers not only heavy bikers or motorcyclists.

“Based on product testing results, the Motto Vest can decrease the chance of death and injuries by 85% in accidents,” says Zeeshan. “And if we can achieve this, we will be able to save many lives.”

Startup Insider wishes Zeeshan and Motto Vest best wishes and pray that one day, his efforts and campaign will not only save an individual's life but a full household, while mentoring more startups like his and create an upward trend in job creation in this untapped road safety sector in Pakistan. Motto Vest is the next rocket ship of Pakistan, creating job opportunities, uplifting economy by setting up manufacturing facility in Pakistan.

These safety vests and jackets will also enhance the safety of bikers and people associated with logistics, courier and delivery companies that exist in Pakistan.

We hope, the big brands in the country would give Motto Vest the opportunity to safeguard their employees who are precious not only for their company but their households as well.